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All paint is not created equal. And it’s not just about color, either. Finish matters, too! If you’re a little hazy on what “finish” actually means, it’s basically the paint’s gloss level (or amount of light reflection). 

Factors like the size, location and the amount of foot-traffic a room gets can all affect the ideal finish type.

Use these guidelines to make good choices: http://bit.ly/BrightNestBenjaminMoore

When it comes to scents, if you typically buy one or two vanilla bean candles and call it quits, you’re missing out! Having a different scent for every room allows you to give each space its own personality. Fragrances can set the stage for anything, from a relaxing evening to an upbeat, exciting party.

Choose the right scent for every room in your home: Avoid This Scent in the Kitchen! Plus 20 Other Smell Tips


The prettiest way to cool down a summer lemonade or cocktail: floral ice cubes! It’s easy; just follow the instructions on the ModCloth blog

Check out our BrightNest #DIY on ModCloth’s blog: super-fun floral ice cubes!

Want to have the most photogenic dish at your next potluck?

Check out this recipe for success from modcloth! What looks like a super-complicated dessert actually only takes a few ingredients and little under 30 minutes to make. 

Find out how to make your own no-fire s’mores: http://bit.ly/1rBaXaX

If you feel like you need an escape from your current décor scheme, take a cue from the original adventurers of the sea: pirates! From sea glass to driftwood, these seafaring swashbucklers were surrounded by interior design booty that puts modern chic décor to shame.

Toss your anchor overboard and put your treasure maps aside, because we’ve found the loot! Here are five ways to decorate your house like a pirate:

Arrgh You Ready To Decorate Like A Pirate?

There is no carpet middle ground: either you love it or hate it. But even if you’re not a member of Team Shag, your feet may still yearn for a wooly and warm embrace from time to time. So, what’s a floor minimalist to do?
One word: rugs.
What’s that? You think rugs are just less exciting versions of carpet? Think again! It turns out that they offer more opportunity for creative expression than you may realize. Besides the endless pattern and material options available, there’s something to be said for the arrangement itself.
Here are three rug tricks that are cool enough to convert even the coldest of concrete lovers:
Hate Carpet? 3 Ways To Love Rugs!

Wallpapering your home: We can’t think of a worse way to spend a Saturday. While today’s modern prints are much trendier than Grandma’s paisley, rolls of paper and jars of paste still make a serious mess. Not to mention that removing wallpaper is what nightmares are made of.

Luckily, we have an awesome alternative: NotWallpaper paint rollers. Not only will these rollers save you from a serious redecorating woes, it can save you some serious cash, too! One roller is about $30 – a lot less than the average cost of wallpaper, which is $400-$1,000 for one room.

You can use these rollers on just about anything, from upholstery to ceilings, furniture and even floors. We decided to turn a regular drawer from drab to fab with the Aspen Frost pattern roller.  

This Alternative To Wallpaper Is Our New Favorite Thing:

Let’s be real – have you ever bought a coaster set you were truly thrilled about? Probably not. Most coasters aren’t exactly created with an eye for design, so it can be nearly impossible find a set that screams “you.” 
Instead of forgoing coasters and encouraging drink rings, make your own! Everything you need for DIY cork coasters can be found at the craft store. 

Summer sure can shrink a budget! Between vacations, wedding invitations and one-too-many dinner parties, warm weather can leave your wallet substantially lighter. So, spending a little moola on dressing up your home may not be at the top of your summer to-do list. Not to worry! If your cash flow is a little low, you can still add style to your home with one of these DIY projects. Each one costs less than $20!

Cheap And Chic: 7 DIY Projects Under $20

A super open floor plan may have seemed like a great idea when you first moved in (“perfect for entertaining!”), but now you’re starting to realize less isn’t always more. Sure, having one big space instead of multiple, smaller rooms is great for parties, but it also means you lose precious wall space (read: privacy). And before you know it, you can’t hear the newest episode of House Hunters because someone is doing the dishes in the kitchen. Not cool. 

Ready to divvy up shared space in your home? Restore some definition to your rooms by trying one of these unique divider ideas:

Divide And Conquer: 6 Ways To Separate A Room