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You’re going to spend about 200,000 hours of your life in your bedroom. Just to put that in perspective, get this: if you spent all that time walking instead, you’d circumnavigate the earth 25 times.
But, since you’re not Forrest Gump, and will be snoozing all that time, you might as well have an awesome bedroom! Here are seven things you need:
7 Things You Should Have In Your Bedroom

If you don’t count Mary Poppins, umbrellas are pretty low on the fun scale. They keep the rain from ruining your day, sure, but otherwise they’re like white rice. Blah, plain, boring.

Boring bugs us, so we decided to spice up our umbrellas with a DIY pattern! We love this NotWallpaper roller, but any stencil that suits your fancy will work.

Once your umbrella has some bling on it, you’ll be doing a rain dance in no time. For rain dance lessons, check out this adorable French bulldog. (You’re welcome.)

See all the steps here:

Umbrella + Roller = Awesome New DIY

Let’s play a game. When we say bathroom, what comes to mind? 

We’re guessing a few things popped into your head… but “great smells” was not one of those thoughts. Let’s change that! Fall is officially just around the corner, but sweater weather has already started in parts of the country.

Celebrate the season of pumpkin-spiced everything by bringing fall into the bathroom. That way, you can brush your teeth while enjoying the pleasant aroma of allspice. Here are five easy ways to spice up your bathroom with fall scents:

Fall Is Here! Time To Spice Up Your Bathroom

Every once in awhile, you read a tip on the internet that’s so simple and obvious, it blows your mind.

This is one of those times.

The problem: Art is the best way to dress up a wall, but art is pretty dang expensive.

The solution: Frame a cool postcard.

Boom, done. How does your mind feel? PRETTY MUCH BLOWN, RIGHT!?

Learn how cheap and easy this is here: Easiest Wall Art Ever!

Where does your dog sleep? If your pet is past the kennel stage, but doesn’t have a bed to call their own, grab an old suitcase and give this DIY a shot! Use the luggage to upcycle an awesome, stylish bed for less than $20 … and then you can chuckle at the silly people paying upwards of $200 for the same look.  

Do you have a cat? We didn’t forget you! This is most definitely a feline-friendly bed, too (check out step #6 for specifics).

See the steps here:

Make A Stylish No-Sew Dog Bed For Under $15

Look up. What color is your ceiling?

If the answer is white or beige, it may be time for a change. White has been the color of choice for ceilings for decades, but just because it was popular doesn’t mean it was right. (Anyone remember popcorn ceilings?)  

If you’re ready to get a little wild with your 5th ceiling take a look at some of the different colors benjaminmoorepaints offer and check out these room-by-room tips for choosing a bolder color:

Breaking The 5th Wall: Paint Your Ceiling

Your Saturday night dinner party was whopping success. But now that the guests have gone home, all you have left is a trio of empty wine bottles sitting on your kitchen counter staring you down. What’s that empty wine bottle? You want to be upcycled? We can arrange that.

The unique shape and diverse hues of wine bottles make them a versatile décor piece. A green shiraz bottle could look great in your garden, and the blue chardonnay bottle filled with tea lights will add a festive touch to your side table. Here are five of our favorite ways to upcycle wine bottles:

After The Party: 5 Ways To Upcycle Wine Bottles

When you go to wash your pants, make sure to empty out your pockets! The average household does almost 400 loads of laundry each year according to Energy Star, which can add up to an average of $523 annually. With laundry, small changes can make a big difference, so try one of these simple tricks to save loads of money on your laundry: 

We’re Crazy For Clothespins & Saving Money On Laundry

Riddle me this: what can hold candles, plant flowers, bake a pie, organize your desk and store soup?

You guessed it! Mason jars. Mason jars are inexpensive and everywhere. Plus, they’re en vogue. Instead of splurging on a new glass set for your next dinner party, serve your soda in a set of mason jars – you’ll get 12 for less than $1 a piece!

One UK artist has taken the mason jar trend to the next level on her blog 365 Jars. Kirsty Hall makes a new “art jar” each day and blogs about her creation.  She’s almost done - today she posted Art Jar No. 354. After she makes her piece, she “releases the art jar into the wild” for people to discover.

We’ve gathered a collection of mason jars for your upcycling inspiration. Are you on Pinterest? If so, visit theBrightNest Boards for more DIY projects and mason jar art. More inspiration: 

Upcycle This: Organize & Decorate With Mason Jars

First things first: We LUV pets. But, it’s not really a secret that owning one can be expensive. Monthly bags of food, unexpected vet bills, new toys and boarding costs add up quickly – but that’s only part of the price of pet ownership.
It turns out the estimated value of your home can plummet (potentially to the tune of $30,000!) when a potential buyer finds out the home was shared with a pet.
Why? Sometimes, pets stink. And they scratch. And they pee on stuff.
Here are three pet-related issues to watch out for if you want to retain your home’s pre-pet value:
Pet Things That Devalue Your Home (By $30,000!)